The Journey Begins

Hello there, thanks for joining me! The quote on this first post is the default example that came with the blog, I found it fitting so here it will stay.

I’d like to start with a brief introduction of myself.

My name Is Sam Stanley. I’m a woman just entering her 50’s, that has been involved with horses her entire life. So much so that it was my whole life.

Starting with growing up in a 4-H leader’s house with our own ponies and horses, I’ve never known anything different. When I grew up I found myself teaching others and their children the joys and rewards of a life with equines. This became my occupation and lifestyle. Building a small breeding farm with Fjords, miniature horses, a few boarders, chickens, and few companion goats, there was hardly a dull moment. Through the years I was teaching beginner and therapeutic riding lessons, along with natural horsemanship sprinkled in all the while broadening my own education.  I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have had many lovely horses in my care, and I feel I’ve learned much with and from each of them. Some were more challenging than others, each was a gift.

Reflecting on all that, I find myself searching for connections with horses that go deeper and are richer with a slower more gentle approach. I still teach, just at a very different pace with an emphasis on the connection and relationship aspect of horsemanship.

I’ll continue to explore the deep well that is all things Equine.

Please feel free to join me as I share my experiences along the way. Some of this will be tips and lessons, some will be my observations and musings.

Thanks for dropping by!




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



Published by

Sam Stanley

I am a life time horsewoman continually learning to tap into a deeper more meaningful way of being with my own horses and those of my trusting clients. I’m available for sessions including Bodywork, connection through mindful interactions, liberty play/exercises, PEMF, Tension release gentle or no touch acupressure. Don’t forget Riding and basic driving.

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